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What is a Baby Nurse or Doula and what are their responsibilities?

A Baby Nurse is an infant specialist. The backgrounds of Baby Nurses vary. Baby Nurses have backgrounds as licensed nurses, certified nurse’s aides, doulas, nannies and paraprofessionals who have many years of experience. The focus of their job is caring for the newborn baby and assisting the new mother in her recovery.

Assignments last between two weeks and six months. Baby Nurses are predominately available for hire on a shift basis. Baby Nurses work night shifts or day shifts. A Baby Nurse can live-in on a 24 hour basis but very few work 24 hour shifts due to the physical demands and loss of sleep. Some baby nurses specialize in the care of multiples. They are often a key figure in helping to educate new parents in the care of their new infant.

Where do you staff Baby Nurses and Doulas?

Most of our experienced staff of Baby Nurses and Doulas reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Many will travel and work throughout the United States.

What is the typical salary range for a Baby Nurse or Doula?

Baby Nurses earn between $28 to $35 per hour . Payroll taxes and insurance are the responsibility of the client/employer although some baby nurses have their own business licence. The agency's temporary placement fee is an additional fee billed separately. Baby Nurses are the employee of the client who hires them.

When should I engage a Baby Nurse or Doula?

We recommend booking your Baby Nurse as soon as possible. Baby Nurses will often book themselves up to 8 months in advance. Their schedules often make allowance for early or late delivery. Most will require a non-refundable retainer when they are engaged for the future assignment.

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