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Loyal Housekeeper Available Now! (11HSK)
Lorena is a kind and loyal housekeeper, who can fully take charge of a home and roll with the punches. Lorena's prior work experience goes back over 15 years with the same family where she worked as the housekeeper, raised their children til college and fully took on any task given to her by the family. Lorena can cook, clean, organize, and take care of all your laundry and ironing. She is truly a professional and comes with exceptional references. She works very hard and is deserving of a solid family.
- Superb experience with 27 years working for that same family.
-Capable of planning out rotated deep cleaning and projects of organization
-Familiarity with high end furnishings, antiques and art
-Perfectionist when it comes to laundry, loves to iron, and can work with fine fabrics
-Capable of performing childcare & running errands
-Honest & Trustworthy
Availability: Lorena is available for Part Time work in Marin, East Bay, and San Francisco.
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Quick & Efficient Housekeeper, Ready for Work! (12HSK)
Alma is a wonderful housekeeper with over 15 years of working in prominent homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has worked in both formal and casual environments, and knows all the nuances of working in a private home. Alma is a quick and organized housekeeper. She has great experience with fine fabrics and delicate laundry as well as ironing. Alma is a great professional domestic and is extremely skilled and qualified to work in any home in the Bay Area. Housekeepers like Alma do not stay on the market long.
- Experience in formal and more high end homes with fine furnishings and antiques
- Avid knowledge of all things laundry, dry-cleaning, and finer fabrics. Great at ironing!
-Willing to perform errands, and assist with prepping meals for a family
-Hard-working and dedicated housekeeper, looking for long-term commitment for next position.
Availability: Alma is available for Full Time employment in the East Bay, Marin, or San Francisco!
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Wholesome & Experienced Housekeeper Available (10HSK)
Herminia is a great professional domestic. Not only does she has private in home experience, but she also has worked in facilities where she has been trained to be an optimal housekeeper. Herminia can do it all. She loves to clean and organize, but will also take care of all your laundry and ironing you may have. Herminia is very family oriented and loves working in a home where she is helping out a deserving family.
-Over 10 years of housekeeping experience
-Experience providing childcare and simple cooking for children
-Great Familiarity with caring for fine furnishings and antiques
-Clean Driving Record and willing to use own car for errands
-Hard-Working and dedicated housekeeper
Availability: Herminia is immediately available for full time (40+ hours) work in Marin!
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Well Experienced and Versatile Housekeeper (9HSK)
Rosanna is an extremely talented and well practiced domestic housekeeper. Between housekeeping for some if the finest homes on the peninsula to cooking and caring for families, Rosanna has a wide variety of skills that allow her to adapt to any and all positions. Being in the private service industry is a passion for Rosanna. Having a love for caring for families and a strong skill-set to back it up, makes Rosanna the ideal household assistant for any family.
-Knowledgeable of cleaning different surfaces and fine furnishings and antiques [has even worked with a curator on cleaning techniques in fine homes]
- Great experience working with laundry and fine fabrics, and also ironing.
- Capable of cooking for a family with great skills in different cuisines and techniques used
- Experience ElderCare professional with patience and love for working with people
Availability: Rosanna is available for Part time work in the afternoons, along the peninsula. She is seeking a long-term client to have a career position with.
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Executive Housekeeper Available Now!!! (8HSK)
Description: Maria is a super star housekeeper, with over 20 years' experience working in large and formal homes. She has experience not only cleaning the home but keeping it fully sustainable and running smoothly. Maria is a poised and composed personality with a strong work ethic. She is the ideal housekeeper for any family that is looking for a long-term, committed and experienced housekeeper.
20 + years of experience working in large formal homes
-Great familiarity with all things laundry; including fine fabrics, hand-washing, and ironing
- Knowledgeable of "zone-cleaning" techniques and when to rotate deep cleanings
-Great experience cooking for families
Capable of assisting in house management and overseeing vendors and projects around the home.
Availability: Maria is currently available for Full Time work along the Peninsula.
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Exceptional Housekeeper AVAILABLE NOW! (7HSK)
Zeni is an exceptional housekeeper, plus! Her last client she worked for, for 8 years and received a glowing reference. Zeni's strengths are her ability to take charge and anticipate the needs of the home, as well as organize as she cleans. She loves to iron and fold laundry, and can even arrange flowers and help to plan your parties. Zeni is a perfect example of a STAR housekeeper, that can go above and beyond your expectations.
-Expertise in full charge housekeeping and deep cleaning
-Knowledgeable about working in high end homes with antiques and fine furnishings
-Excellent cook, healthy!
-Eye for detail, with degree in Fashion Merchandising
-Energetic and enjoyable personality
BA- Fashion Merchandising
Availability: Zeni is seeking 32+ hours/week in San Francisco.
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Energetic & Smart Housekeeper Available! (2HSK)
Description: Gemilla is a great housekeeper and has about 2 years of professional experience. Gemilla worked for a cleaning company where she received over 60, 5 star rating from 60 different clients (SO IMPRESSIVE!). She is a great professional, with the eagerness to work hard and the skill-set to take on any type of task in the home, Gemilla would be an exceptional fit in any home.
-Capable of extensive deep cleaning projects and organization
-Knowledge of cleaning products
-Quick and efficient when working in the home.
-Valid Driver's License
Availability: Gemilla is Available for Full Time or Part Time work in San Francisco. But Hurry!!! Good housekeepers don't stay on the market long!
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Excellent Professional Housekeeper Available Now! (3HSK)
Description: Gabriela is a star housekeeper. We were captivated by her drive and inclination to help out her clients that she has been currently working with, as well as her goals for future clients she plans to work for. Gabriela is young and driven. She has the ability to learn and accept feedback, and a willingness to serve her clients exact needs. She understands that she is just getting started with her career in housekeeping, but is excited about new opportunities to learn.
Capable of extensive deep cleaning projects and organization
-Knowledgeable of all things laundry; fine fabrics, handwashing, and ironing
-Able to read recipes and cook for families
-Experience with managing homes, and even processing payroll for her client
-Quick and efficient cleaner, with ability to accept feedback & make suggestions
Availability: Gabriela is available for full time or part time work in the east bay, Marin, or San Francisco.
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Expert Housekeeper Available Now (1HSK)
Description: Norma is an experienced housekeeper, who has traveled around the world with families. She is a exceptional housekeeper with over 20 years of experience, with a knowledge base of cleaning large formal estates. She is also experienced with childcare. With her sweet demeanor and great experience, she would be the perfect housekeeper/ nanny for your home.
Skills: Formally trained Chef in El Salvador
Knowledge of fine furnishings and special surfaces
Valid Driver's license and clean driving record
Availability: Norma is available for Full time work in the peninsula.
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Fabulous Housekeeper Available for Full Time or Part Time! (5HSK)
Description: Housekeeping has been in the family for as long as Laura can remember. She has been working her own private clients for 3 years, and has also maintained supervising a cleaning service as well for the past 6 years. Laura is a knowledgeable and dynamic housekeeper. She can go into any style home and clean, as well as be able to organize and make the house run more smoothly. Laura is seeking a long-term client to work for, and help for many years to come.
-Experience in all styles of homes; large formal,and small or ranch style
- Knowledge of cleaning procedures, with an eye for detail
-Capable of projects of organization, and maintaining home
Experience with working as a team, takes directions, and works with other well.
Capable of running errands for families.
Availability: Laura is AVAILABLE NOW!!! ... but she might not be for long! She is seeking full time or part time work in the east bay, south bay, or San Francisco!!!
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Great Long-Term family Housekeeper (6HSK)
Description: Carmen has been cleaning private homes professionally for over 20 years. She started young, working with her family, and now has many clients that she has maintained for 25 years. Laura can do it all; from deep cleaning and dusting to laundry and ironing! She really has an eye for detail. She is an experienced housekeeper, and exceptional communicator, and a smart and systematic cleaner. Laura is seeking her next full time and long term client.
-Experienced with all thing laundry; ironing, hand-washing and dry-cleaning.
-Knowledgeable of cleaning products, and cleaning special surfaces and finer furnishings
-Capable of doing light childcare and working in a family environment.
- Experience working and helping with catering parties, setting up and tearing down.
Availability: Carmen is available immediately for Full Time opportunities in the East bay or San Francisco!
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Experienced Housekeeper/Cook Available in Marin Area (4HSK)
Description: Angela is a knowledgeable and professional housekeeper. Angela has been in the private housekeeping business for over 25 years. She is knowledgeable of fine furnishings, antiques, and all special surfaces. She took a break from being a housekeeper to own a restaurant with her husband, so she can cook as well! Angela is a full charge housekeeper who can do everything for your home; deep cleaning, organizing, laundry for the home, and some cooking. Angela is the perfect housekeeper for any home large or small, looking for someone knowledgeable and professional.
Availability: Angela is immediately available for full time or part time work in the Marin area.
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