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Poised & Experienced Executive Housekeeper Available NOW! (2EHC)
Description: Maria is a super star housekeeper, with over 20 years' experience working in large and formal homes. She has experience not only cleaning the home but keeping it fully sustainable and running smoothly. Maria is a poised and composed personality with a strong work ethic. She is the ideal housekeeper for any family that is looking for a long-term, committed and experienced housekeeper.
20 + years of experience working in large formal homes
-Great familiarity with all things laundry; including fine fabrics, hand-washing, and ironing
- Knowledgeable of "zone-cleaning" techniques and when to rotate deep cleanings
-Great experience cooking for families
Capable of assisting in house management and overseeing vendors and projects around the home.
Availability: Maria is currently available for Full Time work along the Peninsula.
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Experienced Housekeeper/Cook Available in Marin Area (1EHC)
Description: Angela is a knowledgeable and professional housekeeper. Angela has been in the private housekeeping business for over 25 years. She is knowledgeable of fine furnishings, antiques, and all special surfaces. She took a break from being a housekeeper to own a restaurant with her husband, so she can cook as well! Angela is a full charge housekeeper who can do everything for your home; deep cleaning, organizing, laundry for the home, and some cooking. Angela is the perfect housekeeper for any home large or small, looking for someone knowledgeable and professional.
Availability: Angela is immediately available for full time or part time work in the Marin area.
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Stellar Executive Housekeeper/Laundress available (5EHC)
Description: Maria is a career housekeeper who has worked as a full charge housekeeper in many large homes and estates throughout the Bayarea. Aside from housekeeping, Maria is also skilled as a professional cook and is well versed in a variety of cuisines. Maria has a stellar work ethic, she is extremely organized, thorough, and gets the job done with diligence. Maria's previous employers have described her as a trustworthy and pleasant employee to have and give her the utmost praise and recommendation.
Skills: Maria has many skillsets, from typical housekeeping duties, to overseeing staff, vendors, purchasing supplies and groceries for the home, cooking for dinner guests as well as seasonal deep cleaning. Maria is proficient with all aspects of cleaning, laundry-dry cleaning-linens, ironing, closet organization and taking care of special surfaces, antiques and fine art. Maria is a very capable cook with experience preparing cuisines from across the globe, meal planning.
Availability: Maria is available full time in the Peninsula and South Bay
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Executive Housekeeper available on the Peninsula! (12EHC)
Description: Alex is a great combo person who has had both housekeeping and childcare experience too! Alex loves to help with housekeeping duties, laundry, ironing, errand running and light child care as well. Alex also loves to cook and can easily follow recipes! Alex has excellent communication skills, drives and has her own car for use.
Availability: Alex is currently available on a full time or part time basis along the Peninsula.
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Fabulous Formal Housekeeper available. (3EHC)
Description: Marlene has over 20 years experience working as an Executive Housekeeper for semi-formal and formal households. Marlene knows how to effectively care for special surfaces and high end furnishings. Marlene can also help cook healthy meals, run errands as needed, and is a highly skilled floral designer who can make beautiful center pieces for any home.
Availability: Marlene is looking for part time work along the Peninsula or in San Francisco. Please call us if you’d like to hear more about all of Marlene’s talents and what she can contribute to your home!
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Full Time Executive Housekeeper available in Marin or EB! (8EHC)
Description: Ana is an experienced and energetic Housekeeper who has worked in busy family friendly homes. Ana can help with everything from the high end cleaning to laundry and ironing and errand running. Ana has good communication skills and drives and has her own car.
Availability: Ana is currently available Full time in Marin or the East Bay!
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